Coffee Meetup Run

As many of you are aware by now of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been closely monitoring WHO and the CDC for any updates on the situation in order to keep you safe.


CDC has since posted another update recommending even relatively smaller groups of people to postpone or cancel the gathering. As such, we do believe it would be in the best interest for you, the participant as well as for the community for us to postpone this run entirely. We’re very sorry to have to postpone but believe this is the best decision for everyone


Virtual Race (Free)

In the meantime, however, you may run this race virtually and we have built several tools you can use for free for your virtual run. Join the fight against COVID-19 even as we self-quarantine and social distance to flatten the curve.


Transfer Option:

We will be monitoring and working to provide several options for a later date to run as soon as this pandemic starts to get better, which we remain hopeful will improve in time. You can check back anytime and will be eligible to transfer your run to any future date we have for up to 2 years from the original run date.

Most of your packets with your shirt, runner goodies, and finisher’s medal have been sent out last week and should be arriving to you still. You will be assigned a bib # to any future race you transfer your run to. If you haven’t received your packet by the end of the week, we can retrieve your tracking # if needed.


We do apologize for any inconveniences and sincerely appreciate your understanding,  


The Unbeatable Swag

All participants receive:

– Themed Run shirt
Runner goodies (one or the other, not both)
– Snack
– (Optional) Customizable Bib
– Finisher’s Medal

All items are mailed directly to you so NO packet pickup is required.

*Each run is small, capped at 25 participants


Small run capped at 25 participants for a more private setting
All of our runs are stripped down to the basics and all that’s really needed. You can skip having to get a time chip, having to check-in/run with large crowds, and even going in to pickup your packet.
Your Own Personal, Fun Coordinator
Our runs are small, capped groups led and timed by one of our experienced coordinators to give you a new run experience that beats the loud noise of the typical large race. 

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